A thousand times

All the climbs and falls, most of the time. Can I combine my accomplishments with my sorrows and my dread for tomorrow? Through these lines you will see line by line how I have lived and died a thousand times. 

Get to know me

Moment you realize your enough and nothing else matters. You will be ready for new chapters and even new disasters. 

© Tina Carey 

My Mission

We will continue to fail as a human race if we do not make life transfusions , engaging in conversations on mental health, drug addition, domestic violence, suicide, and many more. My Mission is to reach as many people as possible with my story although tragic, but its real and there will always be a power in lifting others no matter what path they are on.

My Motivation

My family and my children to whom I gave life and in return gave life to me. 

Badges of a Modern Girl Poems by T.Carey

Take me to this place you say is breezeless
Take me to this place you say the shadows stand still, were the brightness is only at the tips of our toes and the darkness smells like rainbows.....

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© Tina Carey

Updated Aug 8th

My Project

Looking for like minded people to create an “IM LISTENING”  Podcast!